Emma Shanks
Phil Glover

We are a family run business and are passionate about our pooches. We have over 6 years experience and dozens of happy lifelong customers.



I am Phil, I am a Dog lover! I have always had a dog in my life. Whether it be a gun dog, dog training or grooming I truly believe dogs are a mans best friend! 

Very excited to have this opportunity to set up this business and look forward to meeting you and your four legged best friend! 

We have designed our Pawdresser Parlour with the mindset of how we would like our dogs to be treated - with this in mind we don't use cages. The dogs are kept in individual wooden stalls where we can overlook them all day from our purpose built windows. Each dog has fresh water and a bed to chill and relax in when they wait for your return. Unless you have opted for our collection service of course! Feel free to ask for a nosey when dropping off your VIP!

I am Emma. I have also always been a dog lover for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to work with animals so dog grooming is pretty much my dream job!  I love the variety of grooming different breeds of dogs from Bulldogs to Labradoodles! No dog is too big or too small! And there is nothing better than seeing a happy customer when they come to collect their furbaby!!! 

Having this opportunity to open my business really is a dream come true and I honestly love the input from a dogs owner. After all you know your dog better than anyone!

We have come across many a nervous dog over our years grooming and nothing is better than a dog who was once timid really coming round to you. To help ease those nervous pooches Phil or I are more than happy to come and have an initial visit at your home if necessary. Here we can meet your dog in its own surroundings and really get a grasp of what it is you hope to gain from The Pawdressers! 

Unit B7

Strangford Park

Jubilee Road


BT23 4YH